NewMarket Collecting Eclipse Glasses

Donate Gently Used Solar Viewers to Astronomers Without Borders

By Marisol De Los Santos April 9, 2024

Now that the mesmerizing cosmic dance of the eclipse has drawn to a close, it's time to spread the joy by giving back. One way to do this is by donating your eclipse glasses to Astronomers Without Borders (AWB), an organization dedicated to making astronomy accessible to all. Since 2008, AWB has been tirelessly collecting and distributing solar viewers to communities around the world. Through their efforts, they've provided people with a safe means to directly observe celestial phenomena like eclipses, enriching their understanding and appreciation of the universe.

Macaroni KID and NewMarket are thrilled to announce a partnership aimed at supporting a great cause: AWB. We invite you to join us in making a difference by bringing your gently used eclipse glasses to NewMarket, conveniently located at 19 New Street in Metuchen. But that's not all – while you're there, immerse yourself in the excitement of the season by exploring our curated selection of Spring must-haves. Indulge your taste buds with delectable samples of desserts that are sure to please. Pop in to contribute to a meaningful cause, discover new favorites, and connect with your community.

Bring your gently used Eclipse Glasses to NewMarket at 19 New Street in Metuchen by Sunday, April 14 and we'll get them to Astronomers Without Borders

But what if you're hesitant to part with your solar viewers? Well, fret not! You can still contribute to this noble cause by making a financial donation to AWB. Your support will help them continue their mission of spreading astronomical knowledge and fostering a love for science across the globe. So, whether you choose to donate your glasses or make a monetary contribution, know that you're making a tangible difference in bringing the beauty of the cosmos closer to people everywhere.

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